The Hotel

Acqua Santa Loft Hotel

The Hotel

Located in the exclusive Ciudad Jardín neighborhood, AcquaSanta Lofts Hotel offers stylish surroundings and luxury accommodation in the southern part of the city of Cali. A boutique hotel with a green, avant-garde architectural proposal expressed in 6 intelligent 1500-2200 sq ft Lofts surrounded by nature, where the view is a main draw. AcquaSanta lofts are complemented with an intelligent system, using the latest technology to allow you to control the entertainment and music systems, as well as natural and artificial lighting, with just one touch, from anywhere. Right there in your loft, in the privacy of one of your two terraces, you will enjoy the best breakfast à la carte (included), freely sunbathe, relax in your own moonlit jacuzzi… or you can take just one step out of your loft to relish by exercising in the 300 ft long - sea salt swimming pool. Design, generosity of space, detailing and unbeatable service makes AcquaSanta your ideal destination because.

Design Hotel

All of our areas are exclusively designed, everything was well thought out and personalized just for you

Our guests are very fortunate to be surrounded by so many exotic and natural colors! We are located in the middle of the Guali River and Lili River which allows the guest and anyone visiting to enjoy the beautiful diversity that our country has to offer.

With the beautiful view we also have the fortune of having many different small animals right across the street. From small to large birds to iguanas, small frogs and the occasional chipmunk that live freely and happily in the small parks that surrounds us.

Green Hotel

We are located between the Guali River and the Lili River which allows our guests to enjoy a beautiful Green view with the impressive biodiversity our country has to offer. Some of the critters in the area include parrots, iguanas, chipmunks, capybaras, small frogs and many more that live freely and peacefully in the trees and parks right in front of the hotel.