Acqua Santa Loft Hotel


We are a spa oriented hotel. We can arrange to have someone come over and give you a relaxing massage which can be esthetic and therapeutically, with techniques like aromatherapy, Choco therapy, volcanic rocks and more. We will design your spa and room environment to give you what you want.


Our hotel has the benefit of working with the best informal Italian restaurant in the city. Fresh products with the highest quality and standards put the restaurant in the top tier. It is truly a magical place for pizza and pasta.

Breakfast is open menu and included with your room.


Do you love to cook? Do you have something special in mind? With our modern kitchen you can ask for any utilities and ingredients necessary for the perfect and delicious food. We can get you Fondue sets, squeegee, pots and pans. You may also ask reception for chef services which you may hire upon request; we work with the best chefs in the city.


We have a 99 ft. long swimming pool. The pool is completely salt water which you may use during your stay. It is available the 24 hours of the day.


Our gym is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It comes with two trx units, mats for Pilates, elliptic machine, mats for yoga and other utilities for who may desire to use our installations.